Donald Trump Jr Is Constantly Mock By His Father

The only child Trump claims is Ivanka, the rest are castoffs. Donald Trump neglects, ignores, and constantly disparages and belittle his castoffs. When Donald Trump’s children walk into a room, Trump only has eyes for Ivanka.

Truth be told, Donald Trump Jr is as insanely jealous of Ivanka, as much as his father is towards President Obama. Don’t let Donald Trump Jr fool you, he’s jerking off right now, from all the images in his head of his father and Ivanka playing house.

C’mon, white supremacy is aligned with jealousy. In a white supremacist’s mind, jealousy begets revenge, Revenge begets betrayal. Betrayal begets jealousy. A cycle of deceit that only a Blogger like me can appreciate.

Imma be real, we should embrace white supremacy. Why? Because white supremacists are teachers. They’re teaching us how to master our emotions. OK, here’s the deal, ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Mind, Because White Supremacy is synonymous with small minded people.’ 

To my friends out there who may be angry at the present political landscape. Know this, you create your own reality. Your future is important to me. I feel you, ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ 

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