Confederate Flag Is Synonymous With Surrendering and The Agony Of Defeat

So yeah, the confederate flag is nothing more than the white flag of defeat, or should I say, “The Agony of Defeat.” Let Trump’s supporters wave their white flags of defeat, because it will remind the rest of us that Trump is weak and pathetic.

Listen, Trump’s parents fuck him up. So, Trump finding a scapegoat is futile. But hey, it’s fun watching Trump’s narcissistic sociopath behavior. Truth be told, Ryan and McConnell know all to well the hell Trump went through, while growing up with white supremacists for parents. It happened to them.

WTF, Trump is a fornicator too? A fornicator is someone who has sex outside of marriage. Oh, you want proof? OK, feast your eyes:


Listen, the National Enquirer and I can’t make this shit up! 😉

OK, be sure to secure your copy of, ‘The Birther King Has No Clothes On’ e-book, coming to this blog site soon. Sharing is caring, so when Opportunity knocks, invite her in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 🙂

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