Liberals Have An Unique Opportunity

To relax, sit back, and watch the greatest con job in American politics since Bush Jr and Cheney. But, the best part, some of us have an unique opportunity to create wealth. ‘The Birther King Has No Clothes,’ is a money making story. C’mon, don’t act like you’re not aware. Stop acting! 😉

Heaven must be missing an angel, cause Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Trump and his ghouls incite more violence every day against Americans, but, and here’s the best part, Trump’s and his ghoul’s propensity to finding a scapegoat to conceal their sins, is legendary. In fact, Trump’s and his ghoul’s behavior is classic narcissism. I ain’t mad at Trump, because it’s popcorn time.

Truth be told, Liberals are partying like it’s 2099. Trump and his ghouls are a non mutha f’n factor.

Hey Trump, this is your life:



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