Liberals Got 99 Problems, But The Republican Party Ain’t One

C’mon, by now, it’s no secret that Liberals are loving the, ‘The Birther King Has No Clothes On.’ It’s a story about a boy whose parents neglected, ignored, and constantly disparaged and berated him. A boy named Donald Trump.

Truth be told, Donald Trump was in collusion with a foreign Dictator in order to steal the 2016 Presidential election. Suffice it to say, Trump had/is living up to his parent’s low expectations of him, i.e. weak and pathetic. I ain’t mad at Trump, Republicans have 99 problems, but talking with their mouth half full, ain’t one.

Shhhhhhhhh, hey Liberals, don’t tell Trump’s supporters, but they’re all being played by a master con artists and his cabal. Oh, my bad, Trump’s supporters already know. They like being played for a fool. It’s an aphoristic for them. Well then, let the circus begin.

Pass the popcorn! 😉

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