Be Proud Liberals, She Won

We did it, or should I say, “We did it again!” We elected our first Female President of the United States. OK, who knew that her opponent was so weak and pathetic that he was in collusion with a foreign Dictator. That concealing the actual results, altering, and stealing the election is the new normal. OK, now that we’re all in agreement, let’s party.

C’mon, who said that our goal of electing our first Female Presidency was going to be easy? There’s an old saying that Liberals live by, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it, that’s important.” Trust me, she won, but our journey continues. Now roll up your sleeves and pass the popcorn. 😉

‘The Birther King Has No Clothes On’ is an classic story worthy of creating abundance for Liberals. My Liberal perspective is unique, I’ll admit to that. Some may not see the humor, I get it. But for those of us, who do see the humor, we know that when Opportunity knocked on our doors, we’d invited her in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 🙂

We, Liberals have so much to look forward to. Our vision of America is unique. Or should I say, ‘The Liberal Agenda’ defined by a Liberal. How unique is that? Truth be told, Liberals honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. Oh, and by the way, Liberals are not perfect human beings. We share some of the same egotistical behavior that we see in others. The only difference, I will excuse other’s faults, but judge my own harshly and still see myself as worthy of abundance as anyone else.

These are good times!


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