As A Liberal, I Can Appreciate The White Privilege Agenda

One of the prerequisites of being a White Privilege American, is, ‘Playing the victim role.’ often and without hesitation. Don’t get it twisted, I know that tactic all too well. So, now you know, Liberals often and without hesitation honor every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. Liberals just call it, ‘The Liberal Agenda.’  

It only seems fair for a Liberal to describe her version of, ‘The Liberal Agenda.’ I get it, that con men like Trump wave their white privilege flag everyday. They and only they can and get to define, ‘The Liberal Agenda.’ But and here’s the best part, ‘The Conservative Agenda is synonymous with White Privilege Agenda.’ So, yeah, a Liberal like me, can appreciate the abundance of wealth, ‘The Birther King Has No Clothes On,’ stories will create.

Suffice it to say, pass the popcorn! 😉


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