Trump’s Enemies Are His Deceased Parents

Trump is paralyzed with the fear of living up to his parent’s expectations. Everyday and in every way, Trump’s parents neglected, ignored, and constantly disparaged and berated him. The reason why Trump tweets during the early mornings? To drown out his inner-voice screaming into his ears, “You’re Weak and Pathetic.” A message Trump heard over one million times by his parents.

So while elected Republicans and Conservative con men keep perpetrating the art of diversion, Trump and his cabal can continue fleecing America. I ain’t mad at Trump, his legacy will be that he lived up to his parent’s low expectations of him. Listen, Trump had to be in collusion with a foreign Dictator in order to steal the United States Presidency. Trump’s behavior is synonymous with weak and pathetic.

Truth be told, the only people still being duped by Trump and his cabal, believe they’re weak and pathetic. Trust me, some of these folks are wealthy. Many are as poor as a church mouse, but they’re all on Trump’s level, emotionally.  Pass the popcorn! 😉

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