Hey Donald Trump, Your Parents Are Still Disappointed In You

Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell Donald Trump, but his parents are still obsessed with and in love with President Obama. It’s the reason why Trump is so jealousy of President Obama. Now the world knows why Trump’s parents neglected and ignored his stupid ass. Hey Trump, how many times did your parents screamed at you, “You’re pathetic and weak?”  Because, that’s what the little voice in your head is screaming in your ears. Why? Because your collusion with Putin was very disappointing to your parents. In your head, you thought it was a good idea, but again you failed to get the approval from your parents that you so desperately need.

President Obama wasn’t in collusion with a foreign Dictator to help him win the US Presidency. Trump’s parents are very disappointed in Trump and Trump knows it, because that little voice in his head keeps screaming in his ears, ‘You’re pathetic and weak.’ 

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