Trump’s Narcissism Has No Qualms Betraying Others

C’mon, you can’t betray someone who’s wise to your narcissistic ass. Suffice it to say, pass the popcorn!

Another day, another scam perpetrated by Trump and his cabal on his supporters. I love it! It’s like the circus came to town and Trump’s supporters are in the main tent, being betrayed by Trump and they don’t even know it. C’mon, does it get any better than that?

OK, I’ll admit it, once a Trump supporter realizes that Trump betrayed her/him, they’ll seek revenge. Bringing a trillion dollar lawsuit against Trump is revenge. But, the best part, Trump always settles lawsuits without going to trial, so the payoff will be hugely for the plaintiffs. One million dollars each. Think about it, you sue Trump and you receive one million dollars. Times that by two, you and your spouse are plaintiffs, or you and your children, and depending on how many, we’re talking about millions of dollars per family. Listen, we Liberals honor every American’s worthiness to receive abundance. We’re on your side, we want to pass legislation making it easier for you to sue Trump, his cabal and the entire Republican Party. Vote for a Liberal, because we channel love, prosperity, and equality for everyone.

Call 1-800-$TRUMP$

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