Trump Faces 600 Trillion Law Suit From Ex-Supporters

The more corrupt you are, the more rewarded you are. I ain’t mad at Trump for his collusion with Russia. I ain’t mad at the Republican Party for their collusion with Russia. I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters for their devotion to Trump. Collusion with a Foreign Dictator is the new patriotism for men like Trump. For me, it’s like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea.

OK, suffice it to say, “A fuck I don’t give to Putin’s cock holsters.” Trump is just a means to an end. ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal,’ is the shiznit. C’mon, Trump faces 600 trillion law suit from ex-supporters, is an idea whose time had come.

Who would have thunk it, that Amateur Psychologist was just one astute observer in America that repeatedly said, “But the Emperor has no clothes.” 


Is it wrong that I’m smiling? 🙂

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