Trump’s Impeachment Will Be Televised

Or not! Impeachment is too good for Trump. However, Trump’s nightmare is how his supporters turned against him. With no one but Ivanka will defend him, suffice it to say, we all know why. C’mon, Lolita is a nickname for Ivanka. Is it wrong that I’m smiling, because Trump’s supporters can’t deny the reality that Trump and his cabal are con men by day, sexual predators by night. Knowing that and feeling that, Trump’s supporters had emotionally abandoned Trump. Don’t get it twisted, their defense of Trump is out of habit. You should know that Trump’s supporters are feeling the pain of defeat, tormented by Trump’s betrayal and trust me on this, Trump’s supporters are coercing Trump’s cabal to become Anthony to Caesar Trump. The moment will soon come when Trump will utter these words, ‘Eu tu Brute?’ Purportedly the last words of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar to his friend Marcus Brutus at the moment of his betrayal. It means, ‘Even you Brutus?’

By then, Putin will had seized Trump’s fortune, so with no money, no supporters, no future, Trump is dreaming of being impeached. Word on the street is that Trump’s dream is looking into the television camera and saying, “All right, Mr.DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”


Trump is a walking/talking encyclopedia of mental disorders. Trump was easily manipulated by Putin and everyone in the world knows that Trump is Putin’s bitch. Norma Desmond is a nickname for Trump in the Whore House, formerly known as the White House.

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