Trump Continues To Insult His Supporters

In plain sight. The most awesome, ‘You reap what you’d sown’ analogy. Check out this gem. While Trump continues to insult his supporters, I’ll continue making a living off sharing my perceptions of this frat boy scam. C’mon, Trump and his cabal are con men by day, sexual predators by night. But in order to fulfill their neanderthalistic douchebag beliefs, they find a scapegoat to conceal their sins. Don’t get it twisted, Trump’s supporters are known for being neanderthalistic douchebags followers.  Making them the perfect pansy to Trump’s and his cabal’s schemes.

Trump and his cabal decided to seize the Planned Parenthood funds and enrich their bank accounts. I say, invest those funds in, ‘Make America Great Again Mental Clinics.’ Built in predominately white faced treasonous clowns neighborhoods, aka Trump’s supporters.

See the image of Tiny Dong Silver, a retired porn star in all Republican men. Famed for the apparent size of his tiny lollipop. Tiny Dong Silver is a white faced clown masquerading as a stud, but has to coerce women into sex slaves. Right Ailes, O’Reilly and Hannity!


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