Alex Jones’s Betrayal

A guy, a con man that would used psychological weapons on his own listeners, wouldn’t lie about it, would he? Is it wrong that I’m smiling? 🙂 Alex Jones pretended to be an conspiracy theorist because he’s a con man by day, sexual predator by night. Men like Alex Jones are a dime a dozen. The proof is in his testimony in a court of law during his divorce proceedings. The truth is that Alex Jones was pretending to be a conspiracy theorist on radio to make money. In fact, according to Mr. Jones’s attorneys, his behavior shouldn’t be used against him, because he’s only performing a character on radio to make money. Let that marinate for a moment. The crux of Alex Jones’ case is that he’s not the same guy on air as he is with his children. Linguistic code for, Con Man Cometh. Imagine, if you will, hell hath no fury like an Alex Jones’s supporter scorned.

As if Alex Jones’s Betrayal wasn’t enough good news for astute observers like me, President Obama will hold his first public event since leaving the Presidency on Monday, April 24, 2017.

The wheels are coming off Trump’s deviant sexual behavior band wagon, while the wheels on the President Obama’s Super Fast Speed Train are in excellent condition. Is it wrong that I’m smiling?

I’m predicting that Narcissistic Trump will have another Twitter melt down after President Obama’s first public event.

I’m also predicting that Kellyanne will have to poise for another photo depicting her kneeling on a couch with her legs wide opened, stinking up the room, in order to divert attention away from Illegitimate Trump’s deviant sexual behavior.  It’s all good! 😉

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