Trump And FOXNEWS Are Also Synonymous With Mendacious

Yeah, you heard me right, white faced treasonous clowns like Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly mendaciously exploit their supporters, for their own deviant sexual gratifications.  C’mon, you didn’t think I’d notice? 🙂

(Pasted from Google):

  1. not telling the truth; lying.
    “mendacious propaganda”
    synonyms: lying, untruthful, dishonest, deceitful, false, dissembling, insincere, disingenuous,hypocritical, fraudulent, double-dealing, two-faced, Janus-faced, two-timing, duplicitous,perjured;

    Or my favorite, ‘Given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth.’

    Hello, need I say more! 😉



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