Trump’s Supporters Are Synonymous With Scullery Maids

In this case, a scullery maid’s life is one of misogyny and white superiority. Drudgery and servitude are aligned with Trump’s supporters. Suffice it to say, drudgery is because Trump’s supporters live in fear, while servitude is because Trump’s supporters kowtow to a white faced treasonous clown like Trump. I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters, because hell hath no fury like a Trump supporter scorned.

How would you feel it you’d woke up this morning, found out that Trump betrayed you? By treating you like a scullery maid. That’s how. #trumpdontcare

Trump and his cabal lack empathy, they wouldn’t hesitate throwing their own mothers under the bus for one dollar. Or in Trump’s case, for Lolita in the White House. If you’re that naivé to believe what Trump says, then you’ll understand why I’m advocating that the funds Trump snatched from Planned Parenthood should be spent building mental health clinics in predominately white faced treasonous clown neighborhoods, aka, Trump’s voters. Clap your hands if you agree. 😉

Listen up, the faster growing job in America is being a Therapist. Because there are millions of Americans, you know them because they voted for Trump, that need psychiatric treatment. Between FOXNEWS and Religion, these folks are fucked up in the head. Seriously, ‘Make America Great Again Mental Health Clinics’ coming to every Trump supporter’s neighborhood.

Liberals are dancing in the streets, Trump and his cabal of deviant sexual predators are a laugh a minute. Ain’t fooling nobody except misogynistic and white superiority folks. You know, mentally unstable Americans clinging to a different century, that never existed. That’s cray, cray.

Invest in, ‘Make America Great Again Mental Health Clinics.’ Or stay tune for more episodes of, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’ 

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