A White Faced Treasonous Clown Had Risen

How fortunate for Bloggers like me! 😉 C’mon, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal’ is a must read. But, you can only read it here, at this blog, my blog, how fortunate is that? The only thing holy about Trump is his abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter.  But runner up is how callous and mean spirited Trump is towards his own wife. What a triangle of deceit and yet our corporate news media had invested into misogyny and white superiority beliefs that meant portraying Trump as a King. But, beneath their self-righteous veneer, those corporate news media CEO’s are as callous, mean spirited and like Trump, engage in deviant sexual behavior. So, the truth is, our corporate news media is protecting one of their own. I get it, carry on!.

Being afraid of a white faced treasonous clown is unpatriotic. Think about it, because that means for you, Trump is a King. Your obsession with Trump as a King has its benefits. Your fear of Trump is palpable, which means you’re obsessed with living in fear. Which is your choice, but don’t get it twisted, “Thanks, but no thanks.” 

Men like Trump are a dime a dozen in politics. Their houses of Misogyny and white superiority are built on sand, it felled with a great crash. To an astute observer, she knows that Trump exploits others for his own personal gratifications. To an astute Blogger like me, that’s worth a fortune. I ain’t mad at Trump! 😉

If the fleecing of America, while engaging in deviant sexual behavior, pathologically lying to divert attention away from deviant sexual behavior, finding a scapegoat for the sins you wish to conceal, and my favorite, the initiation into the Good Ole Boys club is betraying your own mother for a dollar are the shiznit, then I’ll agree. Does it get any better than that? 😉

Listen, hell hath no fury like a Trump supporter scorned. Just sayin! 😉

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