Relax, Trump Has 99 Problems, But Liberals Aren’t One

But, Liberals are the perfect scapegoat for Trump. Give Trump some credit, for exploiting his supporters for his own personal gratifications. Keep doing what you’re doing Trump, because it gives a Blogger like me, more bounce to the ounce. I ain’t mad at cha.

Shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell Trump, but hell hath no fury like a Trump supporter scorned. C’mon, Trump publicly defended Bill O’Reilly’s deviant sexual behavior. Don’t get it twisted, TMI. That was a bold move, because it meant Trump defended coercing women into sex slaves. I get it. Misogynistic and white superiority beliefs has its benefits.

In your face scorched earth politics rode into town, riding on the backs of easily manipulated Americans, deceived for decades by our corporate news media’s obsession with misogynistic and white superiority beliefs. So, the fruit of your labor, anointing another white faced treasonous clown on the SCOTUS.  OK, smug are you and why not? That’s a feather in Trump’s hat. Kudos, to Bitch McConnell for sucking it all the way to victory.

Now if Bitch McConnell can still show his face in public, so can a scorned Trump supporter. Yes, you can still show your face, knowing that Trump hates it when you show him, how it feels to be treated the way he treated you.

Trump’s Achilles’ Heel is rejection. Trump expects rejection from Liberals, that doesn’t bother him, it’s the rejection from the rubes that Trump lives in fear of. What if more and more Trump supporters aligned with Equality and dumped Trump? Hey Liberals, there’s an old saying, ‘Tis better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, then have an opportunity and not be prepared.’  Welcome former Trump supporters, “I ain’t mad at cha, everybody plays the fool, just proves one thing, we’re all equal and deserving of Abundance.” 🙂 Suffice it to say, Trump and his cabal are con men by day, sexual predators by night. How? Because like attracts like. Bill O’Reilly and Trump are a duet, cousins, brothers from a different mother, you get the picture. 😉

Stay tune for more episodes of, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’ 


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