White Faced Clowns Invasion

Ever get the feeling that white faced clowns are closer then we think? Like working with a white faced clown. You feeling me? Knowing that and feeling that, I’d say I’m an expert on dealing with white faced clowns. Seriously, but the best part, I like having a front row seat watching the greatest con men on earth. All performing in, The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ 

I ain’t mad at Trump and his cabal. Bitches gotta manipulate. Trump’s white faced clown supporters are being hoodwink by Trump and his cabal. Now hold onto your seat, because Trump’s white faced clown supporters are clueless.

Hell hath no fury like a white faced clown scorned. Listen, for a Blogger like me, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal,’ is like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. 😉

Impeachment will look like a walk in the park to Trump and his cabal. Meaning, they’d rather faced impeachment than faced their scorned supporters. Suffice it to say, Trump hates it when you treat him the same way he treated you. But the best part, Trump is offended easily and that’s when the fun begins, because that’s when his bitch comes out. Trump is a white faced treasonous clowns performing in the greatest con men show on earth.

May I suggest that you buy a ticket and enjoy the show. Coming up next, Trump’s impeachment and who will take the blame. A cornucopia of scapegoating. Everybody knows by now, that pointing fingers is one of the first prerequisites of being initiated into the Good Ole Boys Fleecing of America Club, or what the street refers to as the club for ‘White Faced Treasonous Clowns.’ 

White superiority is a mental disorder and knowing that, I’d advocate for more mental health clinics in white faced clowns neighborhoods. Seriously, if Republicans are so against Planned Parenthood, Democrats should be for mental health clinics in Trump’s supporter’s neighborhoods.

Planned Parenthood will continue to thrill, so don’t worry, be happy. Hate to burst your bubble FOXNEWS, but white superiority and misogyny are mental disorders and the reason why FOXNEWS is nothing more than a brothel masquerading as a cable news channel. So much drama! I love it. 😉

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