Trump Hates When You Show Him How It Feels To Be Treated The Way He Treated You

Betrayal is Trump’s Achilles’ Heel. Trump can dish it out, but he can’t take it. Here’s your mission, should you accept it, buy a ticket and enjoy, ‘The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ Trust me, you won’t regret it. 😉

With all this fun to watch, Trump will always find a way to outdo himself on a daily basis. Trump is Putin’s bitch, Kim Jong-un cousin, and a white faced treasonous clown. A circus act extraordinaire.

White faced treasonous clowns, aka elected Republicans, are a dime a dozen. They’re complicit in concealing their own deviant sexual behavior by supporting Trump. Listen, follow the yellow pee stained road to uncover the secrets elected Republicans don’t want us to know.

Don’t worry, be happy Liberals, we’re shining.  From the lyrics of a new single by DJ Khaled
Shinin’, shinin’, shinin’, shinin’, yeah (shinin’, yeah)
All of this winnin’, I’ve been losin’ my mind, yeah (losin’ my mind)

Oh, hold on (hold on, baby)
Don’t (don’t) try to (try to)
Slow me down (down)
Hold on (hold on)
Don’t (don’t) try to (try to)
Slow me down
Slow me down

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