Skulleted Racist-o-licious Bitches

Urine sane. Seriously, Trump’s supporters are the reason I’m a BIG advocate of building, ‘Make America Great Again Mental Health Clinics.‘ Why? It’s an idea whose time had come. Hello, investing in, ‘Make America Great Again Mental Health Clinics, to be built in predominately white faced treasonous clown neighborhoods, is a smart investment. Because, if you call Trump’s illegitimate Presidency a win, then it proves how mentally unstable you are. However, I ain’t mad at cha! Why? Because for a blogger like me, it’s like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. The next thing you know Amateur Psychologist is a millionaire. 🙂

Trump and his cabal need constant validation that their schemes of fleecing America are working. What betta way then a rally. Hold up, let that marinate for a few minutes. OK, brilliant, only if you’re a Narcissist. It makes sense and trust me, Narcissists are fun to blog about. In order for the Narcissist known as Trump to fulfill his high opinions of himself, he found scapegoats for the sins he wished to conceal. At Trump’s recent rally, he blamed the news media, President Obama, Hillary Clinton for all his failures. But, and here’s the best part, Trump and our news media, have a thing going on. They know that it’s wrong, but it’s much too strong. 😉

OK, let me recap, Trump and his cabal are con men by day, sexual predators by night. Word on the street, is that Trump refers to his supporters as, ‘Skulleted Racist-o-licious Bitches.’ Now do you understand why ‘Hell hath no fury like a Trump supporter scorned.’

When or if, all of Trump’s supporters realized they been duped, bamboozled, and hoodwink by Trump and his cabal, all hell will break loose on Trump. Dick Cheney will be one step up from Trump on the white faced treasonous clown totem pole. Trump will be living in a cave with ISIS. The only place he’ll feel comfortable. Afterall, ISIS and Trump have a lot in common.

The only outrage we’ll see from elected Republicans, is when Trump doesn’t hire enough Russian prostitutes at his Golden Shower Parties. Other than that, elected Republicans will condone Trump’s deviant sexual behavior and fleecing of America. Suffice it to say, hell hath no fury like a Trump supporter scorned. Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell Trump’s supporters, but elected Republicans are making a fool out of them too.

What Trump unwilling accomplished last night at his rally in Pennsylvania was identifying the first state where the first, ‘Make America Great Again Mental Health Clinics.’ are built. I was thinking south of Pennsylvania, but hey, after last night, I’m on board with Pennsylvania. It’s the epic center of cray, cray.

Here’s a thought, with the funds Trump seized from Planned Parenthood, he should invest that money into, ‘Make America Great Again Mental Health Clinics.’ Just a thought! 😉