To Smooth His Fragile White Superiority Ego, Trump Will Attend A Rally

When faced with failure, Trump always seeks approval from white faced clowns aka Trump’s supporters. The best part, ‘A fuck Trump don’t give to his supporters.’ Knowing that and feeling that, Trump’s impeachment will be televised. C’mon, who wouldn’t tune into MSNBC, to watch Trump continue to receive his comeuppance?

Hell hath no fury like a white faced clown scorned. Trump has a snowball’s chance in hell of concealing his deviant sexual behavior. You know, the videotape of Trump in a Moscow hotel with Russian prostitutes. The release of that videotape would break the hearts of Trump’s biggest supporters,  “Diamond and Silk.”

Truth be told, we, the rest of us not fooled by white faced treasonous clown, Donald Trump. We know a con job, when we see one. “Diamond and Silk” ain’t shy about scamming millions out of their hard earned money. Kudos to “Diamond and Silk.” Seriously, I’m jealous. I ain’t gonna lie, I’d wished I’d thought of this scam first. 😉

One of my favorite circus acts at, ‘The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus,’ is the transformation of believing in white superiority, even though your skin is colored. How does one reconcile that in their mind? It’s easy, it’s called, ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.’ “Diamond and Silk,” are crazy like a fox. From on-line web site, ‘Wiktionary’ I give you the best description of, “Diamond and Silk.” ‘Behaving in a foolish, frivolous, or uncomprehending manner as a ruse for concealing clever deeds or deeper intentions.’

I ain’t mad at “Diamond and Silk.” There’s a code that Aunt Jemimas live by, ‘If you can spot a sucker, it’s you.’ ‘Diamond and Silk are very entertaining, if you like circus acts.

However, if you do like circus acts as well as a story about  betrayal, revengeful, deviant sexual behavior, money, and power, Donald Trump’s Betrayal, won’t disappoint. But, you can only read about Donald Trump’s Betrayal, at this blog site.  

Know this, Trump’s revenge will fail as spectacular as #trumpdontcare failed. In politics and in business, Trump and his cabal, also perform as Keystone Kops. A insanely and incompetent circus act.


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