Trump Blamed The Moonlight For His Umpteenth Failure

Trump’s ego revealed Trump’s true identity. Trump is a white faced treasonous clown, but and here’s the best part, the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do. 😉

Trump found out that not every Republican is a Kamikaze. You know, another white faced treasonous clown who had hitched his/her horse onto Trump’s wagon, while it’s headed towards a cliff? Or what I’d preferred as, ‘The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ You’ll have to admit, the greatest con man show on earth, is very entertaining. A guilty pleasure for Blogger like me. C’mon, blaming the moonlight, that’s Trump’s strategy?

One of the many gifts I’d received from President Obama’s Presidency, was the gift of knowing someone with a Disciplined Mind. Whatever this is in today’s Government, we can still walk by faith. Just sayin! 🙂

We did good, when we’d elected President Obama for two terms and you know what, we can do it again. The future of this country is not up for sale.

Money can’t buy leadership abilities. However, money can promote Misogynistic and White Superiority beliefs, while concealing deviant sexual behavior. C’mon, FOXNEWS invented the greatest con show I’d seen in politics in the last 20 years. Suffice it to say, this ain’t the Republican Party’s first rodeo at betrayal.  In the 1970’s, Richard Nixon led the Republican Party astray. Back then it was, ‘The Ringling Nixon’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ Today, the Republican Party is a master of scorched earth politics. There’s an old saying, ‘Practice Makes Perfect.’

Enquiring minds want to know, “Will Trump resigned from the U. S. Presidency, or will he prefer impeachment?” C’mon, you know Trump’s ego wants to outdo Richard Nixon’s disgraceful exit. Stay tune for more episodes of, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’ 

Trump is a white faced treasonous clown and Putin’s bitch. That’s a recipe for disaster. The Republican Party is synonymous with Kamikaze, Trump’s supporters are rubes, and MSNBC’s ratings will skyrocket for decades.

Hey Joe Scarborough whatcha gonna do when fame come following you? Keep your, A fuck you don’t give to Trump,’ attitude. It’s refreshing, if I say so myself. 😉


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