Trump Is Synonymous With Goofiness

Trump constantly ridicules his supporters, but the best part, his supporters are white faced clowns. Well, Trump better hope his supporters are all white faced clowns, just saying. It’s no secret that Trump is just one of the white faced clowns traveling in, ‘The Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ Trump is synonymous with goofiness.

Take for example Trump’s public accusation that Fmr. President Obama committed the, ‘crime’ of wiretapping Trump’s residence. But in response to providing any evidence, Trump’s circus act was to creates the illusion of walking forward while actually sliding back one foot. The rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do.

Listen, I can only speak for myself, but this front row seat to watching the greatest white faced clown show on earth, is priceless. Everyday, Trump manages to embarrass himself, making him one of the circus audience’s favorite performers. On a side note, millions of Trump’s supporters are so personally embarrassed by Trump, they live anonymously. I can’t blame them, I’d do the same thing if I were a Trump supporter. I feel you, you deserve better. You deserve happiness. You deserve Equality. Welcome to the other side! 😉

Now you’re an audience member and you’re watching the greatest white faced clown show on earth. Amen!

Enquiring minds want to know, ‘What is Bitch McConnell’s circus act?’ Well, I’ll tell you about one of them. That white faced clown is one of the greatest shift changers. He’ll shift from one sanctimonious stance to the opposite sanctimonious stance, because of his white superiority ego. Don’t get it twisted, Bitch McConnell’s circus performance gets rave reviews, especially among white supremacists. Because white supremacists are all white faced clowns, I can always count on Bitch McConnell to perform as the gigantic fool that he is. Not only does Bitch McConnell embarrasses himself, but a fuck he don’t give to his constituents. Can you imagine what your life would be like, if you’d voted for Bitch McConnell? Too insidious to imagine. I’m thankful to to President Obama and the Democratic Party for setting the bar extremely high in our U.S. Presidency, Senate, and House.

Imma say it, this ain’t the Republicans first circus. It wasn’t that long ago when the Republican’s circus was referred to as, ‘The Ringling Cheney’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ Decades ago, the Republican’s circus was referred to as, ‘The Ringling Nixon’s Bitches and Treason Circus.’ You get the picture? 😉

Ain’t no shame in my game, because we’re all worthy of equality, and if that means taking advantage of, ‘The Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus,’ I’m on board. Beam me up Scotty! Listen, Trump is going where no white faced clown had gone before. Stay tune for more episode of, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’


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