Snoop Dogg Went Where Putin Had Already Gone.

Inside Trump’s head. Trump is a paranoid blob with orange hair. C’mon, the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us know, that Trump is a bird nest on the ground. Anybody can manipulate Trump, it’s easy. Hey Trump, who do you think gave Snoop Dogg the idea to create a video depicting a scene where a clown faced Trump meets a fake gun? The clown face Trump was the real killer. Trump’s white superiority was annihilated utterly and completely. If you really must know, the entire world sees President Bannon, Trump, and all elected Republicans in clown faces. Welcome to, ‘The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ 

One of the main attractions at this circus is Trump’s narcissistic persona. When faced with failure, Trump’s tough guy disappears, and his bitch comes out. Picture this, a grown man bullying from afar with a social media tool, i.e. Twitter. But and here’s the best part, our corporate news media tries to sugarcoat Trump’s adolescent behavior as, ‘Lashing out at his foes.’ Still promoting white superiority by any means necessary. Hey corporate news media, you all look like clowns promoting white superiority.

President Bannon and his cabal are clowns. Elected Republicans are clowns. Republican voters are all clowns. Snoop Dogg just went where Putin had already gone. That’s why Trump is seeking, ‘revenge’ on twitter. Just proves how much of a clown Trump really is. Thanks Snoop Dogg for depicting Trump as his true self, in clown makeup.

Here’s the real deal, President Obama won’t say it and for good reason, but Imma say it for him. Or better yet, let Three 6 Mafia say it for me. President Obama to Trump:

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