I Heart White Superiority

White Superiority has its benefits. Well, for one thing, FOXNEWS paved the way for ‘How to get away with operating a brothel, while masquerading as a cable news channel?‘ Kudos to FOXNEWS for having the discipline and the patience promoting white superiority as well as misogyny for over two decades. Second, FOXNEWS is enjoying its fruits of labor, i.e. President Bannon and his cabal. Suffice it to say, Republicans voters live by the code, you know, ‘Never admit to being scammed by President Bannon and his cabal. Knowing that and feeling that, for a Blogger like me, it’s like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. Cause the first thing you know, I’m a Millionaire. 🙂

Good news, the Government is coming to seize your guns. The NRA was right, Putin’s Government is coming to seize your guns. Oh, my bad, you thought the NRA was lying. C’mon, the NRA will never admit to scamming racist Americans by claiming the President Obama was coming to seize their guns. The science of deduction tells me that the NRA was right and Putin’s Government is coming to seize your guns. The best part, after Russian tanks knock down every  voter’s doors, Russian soldiers seize all the guns, handcuffs everyone, and Putin throw everyone in prison, Republican voters will still thank President Bannon. Cause they know who President Bannon is going to blame. 😉

Hey Trump supporters, after you lose your quality healthcare, you can thank Trump. Suffice it to say, I know who Trump will blame. Truth be told, Trump knows what I know, that racist Americans live by the code, i.e. ‘Never admit to being scammed by President Bannon and his cabal.’ I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters, I get it, They’ll live by the code and they’ll die by the code.

More good news, Paul Ryan was right, ‘Black men are lazy.’ That’s why Putin will come after Paul Ryan and all the other Paul Ryan’s of this world. You know, sexually repressed, senile, garbage mouth, old white con men. Anyhoot, since white men are so superior, Putin sees no reason throwing lazy men in his prisons, no, it makes more sense to throw superior men in prison. Less competition. There’s only one white Supreme Being in Putin’s world and that’s Putin. Suffice it to say, the Paul Ryan’s of this world will still thank Trump cause they know who Trump will blame. 😉

Stay tune for more adventures of, ‘The Exploitation Of White Superiority.’ Racist Americans hate all the time, making them easily exploited for the personal gratifications of con men.

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