Well, Well, Republicans Loved Obamacare

So, suffice it to say, Trump took a wrecking ball to the White House to demolish the Republican Party. #trumpdontcare is a fitting legacy for the Republican Party.

Who would have thunk it? Republicans, ‘We love you long time,‘ Obamacare. But, Republicans are exhausted by pretending for seven years to hating Obamacare. The rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do. 😉

Comparing Obamacare to #trumpdontcare has its benefits. Republicans don’t want to talk about #trumpdontcare, instead, they’d rather make public statements like, “Black men are lazy.” Personally, I would rather hear Paul Ryan bragging about how #trumpdontcare is just another carrot stick for the rubes. Truth be told, Republicans are obsessed with Fmr. President Obama to the degree that they’re exhausted by pretending to hate him.

Trump had and has a fatal attraction towards Fmr. President Obama. That’s how I know Trump betrayed his supporters. It’s called, ‘The Science of Deduction.’ However, it’s obvious that Trump’s supporters aren’t aware of Trump’s fatal attraction towards Fmr. President Obama. Thanks to FOXNEWS’s manufactured hatred of Fmr. President Obama. May I remind you, that FOXNEWS was operating a brothel while masquerading as a cable news channel. There’s a name for that behavior, it’s called, ‘Wicked.’ Listen, I ain’t mad at FOXNEWS, for me, it’s like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea. 😉

Don’t worry, be happy, because Russian tanks will knock down the doors at FOXNEWS, Russian soldiers will seize and handcuff every FOXNEWS employee, and Putin will place all of them in one of his For Profit Private Prisons. Sean Hannity, whatcha gonna do when Putin comes for you? Oh, and by the way, Sean Hannity, you can thank Trump for your imprisonment.

Stay tune for more adventures of, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’ 



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