Dysfunction Sexual Junction

The unresolved sexual issues, that President Bannon and his cabal don’t want us to know about, are the reasons why they sold America to Putin. Sold as in trading Putin’s incriminating evidence of their deviant sexual behavior, for selling out America to Putin. It was a win, win for Putin. So, suffice it to say, that after Russian tanks knock down their front doors, Russian soldiers seized all of their guns, handcuffs their entire families, and Putin place everyone in one of his For Profit Private Prisons, President Bannon and his cabal thank those rubes for their imprisonment.

This week’s recipient of the, ‘Milo Yiannopoulos’ award goes to Jeff Sessions. This is Jeff’s second win. Congratulation Jeff Sessions, your Russia connection is so obvious, so transparent, so Dysfunction Sexual Junction. 😉

Stank warfare was used by President Bannon, again. This time it was Kellyanne, the stank whore extraordinary had appeared on cable news channels spreading her special sewer odor.  C’mon, did President Bannon think we wouldn’t smell Kellyanne’s stanky ass. Ain’t there another room in the White House that Kellyanne can be kneeling on the sofa, legs wide open, and contaminating the entire room with her sewer odor. On the bright side, Kellyanne is a good reason for purchasing a gas mask. As a matter of fact, I’m going into the selling gas masks business today. Trust me, Kellyanne ain’t the only stank soldier in President Bannon arsenal.  Listen, I’m opened for business, get your gas mask today, before Kellyanne, or Omarosa, or any one of President Bannon’s other stank whores throws another stank bomb.

#Trumpcare is synonymous with, ‘A fuck Republicans don’t give to Americans.’ But, and here’s the best part, the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do.

Trump sold America to Putin for a few trillion dollars, Putin in return, stole the U.S. Presidency for Trump’s personal gratification. A narcissist will always, and I mean, always take care of at least one other narcissist. Or what I’d prefer, Quid Pro Quo Narcissist style.

As long as elected Republicans hold Trump’s feet to the tax returns fire and continually fleece America, the happier they are. They won’t be so smug after Putin’s Russian tank invasion on U.S. soil. I’m speaking for myself, but I’ll be the first to remain ex-elected Republicans who will be imprisoned, that they can thank Trump for their imprisonment.

Word on the street, is that elected Republicans aren’t worth the toilet paper they’d used to wipe their asses. Stay tune for more adventures of, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’ 


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