Treason Is The New Normal

OK, I get it, treason is the new normal. By that, I’d meant, treason is now synonymous with white superiority. Does it get any better than that? Think about this, because Trump is a white man, he’s allowed to commit treason, as if treason is his birthright. No only is Trump praised for committing treason, he’s un-apologetic. Well, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Black Lives Matter is also the new normal. Black Lives Matter is now synonymous with Equality. It means honoring everyone’s worthiness. Does it get any better than that? Think about it, we’re all equal, and white superiority can’t hold a candle to Equality.

Imma be blunt, Equality had a good day yesterday, i.e. Trump had his umpteenth public meltdown, and I’ll predict that Equality will have a very good day, today. The rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us know that Trump’s toxic tax returns are his Achilles’ Heel. So, yeah, we also know that elected Republicans know all about Trump’s toxic tax returns and yes, they’re also blackmailing him. Which brings me to this point, Karma is a bitch. Putin, the 1%, and elected Republicans are all blackmailing Trump with incriminating information. Trump was right, he had been spied on by people within his inner-circle. Trump’s daily meltdowns are utterly and completely embarrassing for his supporters. Trump’s supporters had been seduced to those parents of un-athletic kids on sports team. Enough said.

Putin, elected Republicans, and the 1% all know Trump’s Presidency was built on impeachment sand. For them, the heist of America is on and popping. Time is not on Trump’s side. As a matter of fact, time had run out for Trump. Treason is the new normal in Trump’s world, but that world is so small, it fits inside a bathtub. Enquiring minds want to know, “Who will pull the stopper and let Trump go down the drain?”  My monies on Ivanka, because she has the most, “Daddy Dearest” issues. Think about it, the only person to receive Trump’s trust, betrays him. Et tu Brute?

Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉



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