Our Corporate News Media Experienced Sleep Paralysis, Again

Astute Observers conclude that, in this case, our corporate news media’s peddling of misogynistic and white superiority beliefs caused it to experience sleep paralysis, again. Our corporate news media briefly experienced the inability to move, speak, or react to President Bannon, his Pied Piper Donald Trump and elected Republican’s acts of treason. Truth be told, our corporate news media lives in a transitional state between “Alternate Facts” and “Reality.” However, the demons in the room this time, were Kellyanne kneeling on a sofa with her legs opened, coupled with President Bannon’s Pied Piper, Donald Trump’s umpteenth performance of, “How To Get Away With Lying.” Suffice it to say, our corporate news media experienced sleep paralysis, again.

Sleep paralysis happens to all of us, so I ain’t mad at our corporate news media. I have no qualms reporting how President Bannon and his cabal are committed treason, fleecing America one scheme at a time, and how they left a trail of Russian prostitute’s pee all over their sheets. Listen, normalizing misogyny and white superiority has its benefits, but, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal,” is the shiznit.

Prove me wrong, but Hillbilly Heroin and FOXNEWS can be linked to deep underlying psychiatric problems for millions of Americans. Who in their right mind would touch Trump’s hands? The man bragged about grabbing women by the p****. Knowing that, do you really want to grab Kellyanne in that way? You know Trump frequently grabs Kellyanne in that way. Talk about toxic!  C’mon, this is a white women who had no qualms kneeling on a sofa, legs opened, in a room full of Black men all lined up behind her. For me, it just proves that President Bannon and his cabal, lust after the Milo Yiannopoulos of this world, making it easy for them to serve up women like Kellyanne.

It’s all in a day’s work for President Bannon, sex, drugs, and Treason. Me likey, “The Ringling Putin’s Bitches and Treason Circus.” It’s coming to a town near you! Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉


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