Move Over Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey Circus

There’s a new circus in town called, The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus. I’ll admit, it ain’t lacking in entertainment and fear. But, it’s the entertainment that gets my attention. C’mon, really, President Bannon held out another carrot stick. A photo depicting the myth about White women lusting after Black men. That staged photo of Kellyanne kneeling on a sofa with her legs opened, while dozens of Black men and Black women lingered in the background forming an open circle around Trump, was a brilliant ploy. Kudos to Kellyanne for being the Belle of the ball for one day. For me, I’d looked passed the Bella of the ball, i.e. Kellyanne, and saw a few dozen Black men and Black women kneeling to a racist. Do I need any more proof than Jeff Sessions? Me likey this circus, so much drama.

What do Susan Smith and Donald Trump have in common. Blaming a black man. So, yeah, while President Bannon’s soft porn photo was circulating on page after page of every news outlet on the web, even I couldn’t resist. I’d copied and pasted that same photo onto my blog page. I’ll admit, I was a rube. 😉 But Trump was blaming a black man for his own ineptitude. Jeff Sessions is all the proof I need.

For me, President Obama and Michelle Obama are aligned with the importance of building one’s life on obedience to the teachings and examples of Infinite Intelligence.

Justice Michelle Obama

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