Tis Better Being Liberal, Then A White Faced Clown

Don’t get it twisted, being a white faced clown has its benefits. Benefits for a blogger like me. C’mon, Trump and his cabal are white faced clowns performing in, ‘The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ A thrill a minute and then some. Seriously, just buy a ticket and enjoy the greatest con men on earth.

You won’t hear this from our white faced clown corporate news media, but the Republican Party is synonymous with white faced clowns. But the best part, initiation into the, ‘Sexually Repressed, Senile, Garbage mouth, White Con Men’s Club,’ is scamming Republican voters. I kid you not! 😉

May I do a little advertising? Thanks, because a must read on this blog is how, ‘FOXNEWS,’ wrote the 21st Century playbook for scamming Republican voters. OK, I’ll give you a quick synopsis. ‘From its conception, FOXNEWS operated a brothel, while masquerading as a cable news channel.’ C’mon, the male population at FOXNEWS, are sexual predators. But in order to conceal their deviant sexual behavior, FOXNEWS merged and promoted misogyny and white superiority. Today, we now know, that was a recipe for disaster. Why? Because misogyny and white superiority are mental disorders. So, suffice it to say, those beliefs are circus acts gone awry.

Astute Observers are not blind to those white faced clowns performing in, ‘The Ringling Putin’s Bitches And Treason Circus.’ I’m sharing my experiences at this circus, because I too enjoy watching con men, like Trump and his cabal, exploiting Republican voter’s weaknesses, i.e. Racism, Misogynistic, and White Superiority beliefs. A laugh a minute.

Lolita in the White House. C’mon, does it get any better than that? In your face deviant sexual behavior and Trump receiving a standing ovation by other white faced clowns. Listen, if you’re a religious American, don’t read this blog. But, if you enjoy sizzling, corrupt, deviant, and my favorite, Whore of Babylon behavior, wrapped in an American flag and sprinkled with bibles, then I welcome you with open arms. 🙂

The truth is that white faced clowns like Trump and his cabal are masters at callously manipulating racist, misogynistic, and white superiority Americans. Why? To conceal their deviant sexual behavior. This and many other circus acts performed by Trump and his cabal, are like finding Black Gold and Texas Tea, for this blogger. Truth be told, I’d invested into this lucrative story, ‘Donald Trump’s Betrayal.’ So far, its been a who’s who of sizzling, corrupt, deviant and my favorite, Whore of Babylon behavior.

Sexually repressed, senile, garbage mouth, white faced clown con men, are a dime a dozen in the Republican Party. So much so, that Putin decided to put them all in his circus. I ain’t mad at Putin. I’m encouraging our white faced clown corporate news media to continue to ignore how Trump and his cabal are Putin’s bitches, the less competition for me. Oh, my bad, the really good news is that, racism, misogyny, and white superiority failed again. 🙂

I give you the first authentic portrait of Donald Trump. Just think, Trump is Putin’s bitch.