Are Republicans Ever Going To Stand UP

I mean, c’mon, kowtowing to President Bannon and his cabal, looks pathetic. Republicans believe that if they talk shit about Fmr. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton it makes them look manly. But, the opposite is true, because kowtowing to President Bannon often and without hesitation, makes Republicans look like fools. Seriously, it just proves how misogyny and white superiority merged with our corporate news media decades ago. So, I ain’t mad at Republicans, because hell hath no fury like a racist Republican scorned.

Don’t get it twisted, President Bannon and his cabal operate from a very old playbook. He’s not the first, nor will he be the last to take advantage of racist Americans. Racism is a mental illness, which means racists are easily manipulated. Suffice it to say, racists are a bird nest on the ground. Check out this gem, the most prescribed painkiller for racists is Oxycontin. Or sometimes referred to as, “Hillbilly Heroin.” Coupled with FOXNEWS, Breitbart, Rush Limpballs, and a long list of other scammers, that’s a brilliant recipe for manipulation.

Donald Trump’s Betrayal began when FOXNEWS merged with Misogyny and White Superiority. From its conception, which was approximately twenty years ago, FOXNEWS was nothing more than a brothel masquerading as a cable news channel. Oh, but it gets better. Because FOXNEWS paved the road for a President Bannon. Now that’s a legacy that inspires wicked and depraved stories. Well, I’ll admit, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal,” is a guilty pleasure. I like drama, I ain’t gonna lie, and President Bannon does not disappoint. C’mon, Donald Trump as the Pied Piper, brilliant idea. Although, this Pied Piper tactic is as old as dirt, it still fun to watch.

President Bannon and his cabal exploit racist Americans, for their own personal gratification. Now that’s a story worth blogging about. Seriously, why just recently, Republicans were called out for deliberately avoiding their constituents. So, in order to fulfill their White Superiority beliefs, they found a scapegoat, to conceal their true nature, tiny Cojones. If you look past the misogyny and white superiority rhetoric, Republicans are weak, their knees are wobbling, because they kneel down so often to President Bannon and his cabal.

The smallest Cojones belong to Donald Trump. Because in response to Putin, Trump’s tough guy dissappears and his bitch comes out. So, it’s no surprise to me that in response to President Bannon, Repubican’s tough guy dissappears and their bitch comes out. #toughguy


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