FOXNEWS And Hillbilly Heroin

Paved the way for a President Bannon. Truth be told, prescription painkiller Oxycontin is the most preferred drug for racist white males living in America. Hillbilly Heroin coupled with FOXNEWS, is a recipe for disaster.

FOXNEWS and Hillbilly Heroin, got my vote for the most calculated, diabolical, clever, insidious and underhanded scheme, i.e. Donald Trump’s Betrayal. Who would have thunk it, that Trump is nothing more than a Pied Piper, attracting junkies addictive to Hillbilly Heroin and FOXNEWS, straight into the For Profit Private Prison cells.

President Bannon and his cabal of sexually repressed, senile, garbage mouth, old white con men invested heavily into the For Profit Private Prison business decades ago for the sole purpose of accumulating more wealth. President Bannon and his cabal then plotted a scheme to incarcerate white trash referring to poor white males, addicted to FOXNEWS and Hillbilly Heroin, especially in the rural southern United States, into their For Profit Private Prison cells.

Shhhhhh, I want to tell you a secret, because you won’t ever hear this from FOXNEWS, but recently the For Profit Private Prison Investors received a huge gift from newly anointed Attorney General of the U.S, Jeff Sessions. But, and here’s the best part, White trash are the new Black.

What, you didn’t get the memo? Regarding how President Bannon and his cabal coupled with FOXNEWS and Hillbilly Heroin, paved the path connecting racist white working-class American neighborhoods, into For Profit Private Prison cells. C’mon, who will be left to incarcerate after ridding America of Blacks, Hispanics, Muslim, LGBTQ and anyone not a racist white? Oh, you thought President Bannon wouldn’t throw racist white working-class Americans under the bus? Newsflash, President Bannon would throw his own mother under the bus. I hate to burst your bubbles, but President Bannon punk’d racist white working-class Americans.

Hell hath no fury like a racist white working-class American scorned. Just sayin! 🙂

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