The Scheme Known As For Profit Private Prisons

Racist White Working-Class Americans will be called upon to serve time in For Profit Private Prisons. Check out this gem, President Bannon anointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States. One of the first things Jess Sessions did as Attorney General of the United States was give For Profit Private Prison investors the green light to imprison as many racist White Working-Class Americans as they can. C’mon, what did you expect after President Bannon banned Muslim, deported Hispanics, and built a wall to keep Hispanics from entering America? We all remembered how President Bannon used Trump to help him emasculating famous Blacks men? Suffice it to say, President Bannon coupled with Jeff Sessions will still need prisoners to fill the demands at For Profit Private Prisons. Oh, my bad, the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do!

Hey racist White Working-Class Americans, I hate to burst your bubbles, but President Bannon and his cabal are marching you straight into hell. White superiority is a mental illness, paving the path for racist White Working-Class Americans to end up in For Profit Private Prison. But, and here’s the best part, while For Profit Private Prison investors rank in millions of tax payer dollars for housing racist White Working-Class Americans, Corporate America will also rank in millions of dollars. Prisoners will be the cheap labor Corporate America loves so much, and manufacturing jobs will be delegated to For Profit Private Prisons. It’s already happening, except today For Profit Private Prison population are predominately Black or Hispanic. However, coming soon to every racist White Working-Class neighborhood, a path to For Profit Private Prisons.

Racist White Working-Class Americans are the new Blacks. President Bannon and his cabal don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone. They’re all Saboteurs and wouldn’t hesitate throwing their own mother under the bus. There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Because, “Making America White Again”, means the For Profit Private Prison population will be white again. Here’s the real deal, that jail that racist white people built for others, will be the same jail they rot in.” All thanks to President Bannon.

The NRA was right. The Government will be coming to get you. You as in racist White Working-Class Americans. For one purpose only, to populate their For Profit Private Prison. I ain’t mad at racist White Working-Class Americans, they’re the new Blacks.

Stay tune for more adventures of White Privilege vs. White Trash.

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