Shit On His Hands

Trump’s hands are so toxic, it’s time to give this bacteria its own name. White Superiority. A virus transmitted from cable news channels into the weak minds of millions of Americans. White superiority weakens the mind, restricts the heart, and causes more stress than knowing Trump has a pee obsession. Enquiring minds want to know from Kellyanne, “Would you allow your child(ren) to shake hands with Trump?”  Remember, Trump loves for Russian prostitutes to pee on him. He bragged about grabbing women by the p****. That alone is cause for concern about aligning with a man, i.e. Trump who is literally toxic. Trump is so toxic that I’m gonna suggest that you wear rubber gloves when shaking the hand of a Trump supporter. You heard me, cause if Trump is a toxic Petri dish of bacteria gone amok, then his supporters are too. C’mon, white superiority is a mental illness, that Trump and his cabal exploit for their own personal gratification.

Part of the legacy President Obama created, “The best revenge is massive success.” He was not the first, but he comes from a long line of geniuses. OK, knowing that and feeling that, “Everything will be alright.” 

Trump’s house of cards crashed a long time ago, but don’t tell our corporate news media, apparently it still believes in white superiority. This rodeo ain’t nothing new. we’d seen it before, i.e. Nixon, Reagan, Bush Jr.  Relax, Trump and his cabal are fleecing America, while throwing grenades at racist White Working-Class Americans. Trust me, the biggest toppling in political history will occur after one racist White Working-Class American, realizes that Trump had betrayed him/her. Like the Borg, the consciousness of virtually every racists in America will believe that we’re all equal.

Coming soon to this blog, for your protection, get a pair of rubber gloves imprinted with, “Black Lives Matter.” 😉


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