Trump Is Still Afraid Of Hillary Clinton

Why? Because Hillary Clinton won the 45th Presidency of the United States. However, the biggest winners of Trump’s illegitimate Presidency, are Putin, Bannon, and Wall Street. A fuck they don’t give to Trump. They taunt Trump about losing to Hillary Clinton, while showing Trump’s videotapes of Ivanka entertaining Black Gigolos. Trump goes crazy with rage to the degree that he has to double down on receiving Golden Showers. C’mon, Trump’s supporters are fully aware that Trump loves for Russian prostitutes, Omarosa, Kellyanne, Palin, Coulter, and a host of other Republican/Conservative women to pee on him. But, in order to fulfill their white superiority, or in Omarosa’s case, her superiority, these women find a scapegoat. Omarosa just recently made her choice and it was April Ryan. Omarosa lost, but better than that, Omarosa inadvertently exposed that Trump has a dossier on her. You can bet it contains a videotape of Omarosa doing her best Golden Showers on Trump. Omarosa, we know, we know, we know!

I really can’t blame racist White Working-Class Americans for embracing misogyny and white superiority. Truth be told, misogyny and white superiority had merged with our corporate news media decades ago. Suffice it to say, racist White Working-Class Americans had been conditioned to believe in misogyny and white superiority, via our corporate news media apparatus. Brilliant, yet so wicked. Sinister, yet so clever. Check out this little gem, from its conception, FOXNEWS operated a brothel behind the scenes of its cable news channel. Once it was publicly expose as nothing more than a brothel, FOXNEWS double down. The mastermind behind FOXNEWS brothel received a hefty severance pay, after being fired. I kid you not, but and here’s the best part, the mastermind behind FOXNEWS brothel, hitched his horse onto Trump’s wagon. In plain sight, the brothel moved from FOXNEWS to the White House. Ain’t life grand?

Remember all this when you see folks eager to swap pee from Trump’s hands by shaking Trump’s hands. Or swap other human bodily fluids. No telling where Trump’s hands had been. Seriously, these folks are putting themselves at risk, but if it were me, I’d wear gloves. When it comes to Trump and his racist White Working-Class supporters, I’m down with P.P.E. Personal Protection Equipment. Please don’t touch me, unless I’m wearing my P.P.E. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Trump and his racist White Working-Class supporters are toxic. Use extreme caution when they’re around, they’re burdened with mental illnesses to include, but not limited to Misogyny and White Superiority.

One way to keep Trump’s supporters at a safe distance, tell them, “Black Lives Matter.” Trust me, it works, because “Black Lives Matter, is Kryptonite to racist White Working-Class Americans.


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