Fake News And The N-Word Are Grenades

Sexually repressed, senile, garbage mouth, old white con men, throw these grenades at White Working-Class Americans to distract them. A fuck I don’t give, because diversion is child’s play for these white con men. What better way to conceal their own deviant sexual behavior, then by finding scapegoats. Today, we know that Trump and his cabal are fleecing America, one scheme at a time. But, in order to conceal their greed, they throw grenades at White Working-Class Americans, i.e. a phony Muslim ban. C’mon, supporting Trump could be hazardous to your mental health. Imagine graduating from college with a degree in Journalism, applied to work at FOXNEWS, only to find yourself at an interview with some fat, greasy, slob, aka, CEO of the cable news channel, demanded oral sex from you in exchange for a job. Or better yet, this same fat, greasy, slob, aka, CEO of a cable news channel, trusted one of his sex slave to lure unsuspecting young female employees into one on one meetings with him, where he would perpetrate sexually harassment behavior. Two of the worse case scenarios any women should have to endure in the workplace. Yet sexually repressed, senile, garbage mouth, old white con men, believe they’re entitled to sexually harass female employees. Listen, was it just me, or did you also understand why after the sexual predator at FOXNEWS, was exposed in 2016, for crimes against women in the workplace, which by the way is a Federal crime, went unpunished, and the sexual predator received a substantial severance pay? Then, this sexual predator hitch his horse onto Trump’s wagon. C’mon, this sexual predator is the poster child for white superiority and misogyny. He received a reward from FOXNEWS, for committing sexual assault against women in the workplace. But, and here’s the best part, White Working-Class Americans just elected a sexual predator. Suffice it to say, sexual assault against women is apparently normal behavior for millions of Americans. Guess who was in the business of promoting misogynistic and white superiority beliefs? The sexual predator, aka former CEO of FOXNEWS, a major cable news channel that operated a brothel behind the scenes. The rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do. 😉

Supporting Trump is equivalent to, but not limited to supporting an abusive sociopath. So, knowing that and feeling that, I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters, they’ll have to answer for their own deeds. All I know is that white superiority is a mental illness. Trump’s supporters need psychological help. You and I can’t help them, stop trying! Focus on electing more Democrats like Elizabeth Warren. Truth is, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

Trump’s abnormal sexual fixation towards his how daughter recently made it’s debut on Twitter and on cable news. First Trump publicly exposed his lust for his own daughter, via Twitter, then sent Kellyanne to beg White Working-Class Americans to purchase his daughters products, because more and more national retailers stop supporting incestuous Trump.

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