Time To Make Lemonade With Those Lemons

Nobody makes sweet lemonade better than Amateur Psychologist. So, I can appreciate that nobody does diversion better than Trump and his cabal. I kid you not, but and here’s the best part, selling Misogyny and White Superiority has its benefits. Money, sex, power, and influence. Truth be told, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal,” is this blogger’s dream come true. A Kleptocracy Government. Oh, it gets better, because the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do.

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Enquiring minds want to know, how White Working-Class Americans can consider themselves more superior, when they condone Trump and his cabal’s fleecing of America? And how those same superior folks can’t see how Trump and his cabal are enjoying throwing grenades at White Working-Class Americans as a diversion. In other words, White Working-Class Americans are the new Blacks. Over the span of Trump’s life, he’d swindled numerous White Working-Class Americans. Today, there are third and fourth generations of Americans still living with the negative effects of Trump’s betrayal. People who know Trump, did NOT vote for him in the primaries, yet after Trump was elected, they quickly hitched their horse onto his wagon. These folks are Saboteurs. Like Trump, they’d throw their own mothers under the bus, for one dollar. Yes Virginia, the corruption in the White House is that deep. Every one associated with Trump, sleeps with one eye opened. Paranoia is their first name. The stench of betrayal lingers in their atmosphere like someone bathing in skunk perfume. I’d predict that sooner, not later, the videotape of Trump in a Moscow hotel being peed on by Russian prostitutes will  make its debut. That and copies of Trump’s tax returns that prove Trump is in bed with Putin. Republicans will be forced into impeaching Trump, Pence, Ryan, and McConnell. More to follow. My monies on Melania, because a fortune awaits her right after she reveals that she was CEO of, “Stop Trump.” Listen, I can’t make this shit up! 😉

Well, it was bound to happen, you know, how Trump and his cabal’s, “Get out of jail free” card would get revoked and all hell would break loose. Hell hath no fury like a White Working-Class American scorned by Trump.

Check out this gem, Black Lives Matter is just one of the antidotes for Misogyny and White Superiority. Start your Black Lives Matter business today. It’s a lucrative idea, whose time had come.


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