Wonders Never Cease

I’m confident that Black Lives Matter is just one of the antidotes for misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs. Knowing that and feeling that, the news that Trayvon Martin’s parents are weighing political bids, reaffirmed that we’ll be alright.

Misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs are dead men walking. Black Lives Matter is the new sheriff in town and as wonders never cease, a fuck she don’t give to racism, homophobia, xenophobia and other mental diseases attributed to misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs.  Black Lives Matter is an idea whose time had come. Start your own Black Lives Matter business today. It will end misogynistic and white supremacist dominance over our collective minds, and it’s aligned with abundance. In other words, it is very lucrative in more ways than one.

Just when I’d thought I’d heard and seen it all, illegitimate President Trump, out does his prior schemes. You know, the schemes to conceal his and his cabal’s fleecing of America. It’s so clever, illegitimate President Trump’s use of Psychological Projection. However, I can’t give illegitimate President Trump all the credit. FOXNEWS wrote the playbook. C’mon, may I remind you that from its conception, FOXNEWS operated a brothel, while simultaneously, masquerading as a cable new channel. But, and here’s the best part, because FOXNEWS from its conception, had merged with misogyny and white supremacy, was given a, “Get out of jail free card.” Today, the rubes still don’t get it, but the rest of us do. Sexual Harassment in the workplace is illegal, unless you’re a sexually repressed, senile, garbage mouth, old white sexual predator worth millions of dollars. Again, you’re given a, “Get out of jail free card.”

Illegitimate President Trump and his cabal really belong in prison, for all of their crimes against humanity. But because wonders never cease, truth be told illegitimate President Trump is Rosemary’s baby.  I kid you not, that movie was based on DT. Who would have thunk it? 😉

Here’s a question, you won’t hear from our corporate news media. “If Trump wants to ban those who can be radicalized by extremists, then he should start with anyone who voted for him.”  #muslimban