Outstanding Performance In A Corrupt Political Story

And the winner is…Illegitimate President Trump. His fragile ego led him to perpetrate the oldest tactics in FOXNEWS playbook, “Psychological Projecting.” While some of us would rather talk shit about illegitimate President Trump and his cabal fleecing of America, suffice it to say, illegitimate President Trump used psychological projecting. His voter fraud scam does little more than faintly cover up his and his cabal’s fleecing of America. By that I mean, Federal tax payer money wired directly into the Cayman Island and other money havens bank accounts around the world in illegitimate President Trump’s name, his children’s name, and names of all those in his cabal. In one way, you can’t blame Trump for fleecing America. Trump is being blackmailed by Putin. C’mon, either illegitimate President Trump pays the ransom money, or Putin would release the videotapes of illegitimate President Trump in a Moscow hotel being peed on by Russian prostitutes. But, and here’s the best part, the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do.

Illegitimate President Trump and his cabal have one agenda and that is, “To Fleece America.” TFA 😉 OK, knowing that and feeling that, you can see illegitimate President Trump’s performance as scary. After decades of perfecting his greatest skill, “Betrayal,” I’d give illegitimate President Trump the Oscar for best performance in a corrupt political story. Hands down, no kidding. This shit is hilarious.

The fleecing of America, won’t be as easy as illegitimate President Trump believed it would be. Right now, he’s in panic mode, well truth be told, he’s always in a panic mode, because he’s surrounded by Saboteurs. He can’t trust his own wife, which by the way, is the reason why he bullies her in public. All that glitters is not goldIf illegitimate President Trump’s wife doesn’t have a snowball chance in hell of being respected, what makes you think illegitimate President Trump will respect your ass? I know, the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do. I’m talking to the choir. 😉

Well, at least when the rubes finally get it, that illegitimate President Trump is exploiting their weaknesses for his own personal gratification, we will continue to move on our path with unflinching determination, rejecting the rubes willingness to blame others for their own sins.

So, let me recap today’s illegitimate scheme, by illegitimate President Trump and that is, “Psychological Projecting.” The only folks in America guilty on voter fraud are Republicans, in more ways than one, yet because of his fragile ego, illegitimate President Trump can’t help himself. In other words if Norman Bates from the movie titled, “Psycho,” and Rhoda Penmark from the movie titled, “The Bad Seed,” had a kid, he’d be illegitimate President Trump. I would file this story in the, “Thriller/Drama,” file.

Girl Power is just one of the antidote for the diseases known as misogyny and white supremacy. These mental deficiencies were profitable for our corporate news media apparatus and for the Republican Party for decades. But like all good things, it too shall pass. There’s a new Sheriff in town, and a fuck she don’t give to misogynistic and white supremacist believers.