Republicans Choose A Better Candidate Next Time

Than a sexually repressed, senile, garbage mouth, and old white con man like Donald Trump. I mean, c’mon, our corporate news media apparatus spent decades promoting misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs and the best Republicans could elect was Donald Trump. If you ask me, that was a fucking waste of time and money for our corporate news media. Say what you want about Madonna, but we didn’t elect Madonna for the Presidency, not saying it couldn’t happen, but c’mon, Republicans elected Donald Trump. I’d take a Madonna Presidency over a Donald Trump Presidency anytime and anywhere. Madonna and I have one thing in common, we speak Donald Trump’s language. So, when Trump’s supporters are offended by Madonna or me, we tell them in no uncertainty, “A fuck I don’t give.” 

The decay of our corporate news media apparatus actually began after it merged with misogyny and white supremacy. For the sole purpose of concealing their sins. By now, most of us know that from its conception, FOXNEWS operated a brothel. However, in order to fulfill his white supremacists beliefs, Roger Ailes found a scapegoat. Thus paving the road for a Donald Trump Presidency. But, and here’s the best part, since FOXNEWS alternate universe was exposed, i.e. operating a brothel while masquerading as a cable new channel, the rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do. This time, we’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Donald Trump’s Betrayal is a story so sizzling because it’s scorched earth politics at its best. The who’s who in perpetrating underhanded, and ruthless tactics against millions of Americans. The who’s who in deviant sexual behavior. A cabal of Saboteurs, all plotting against each other, while sleeping with one eye opened. A story on how a major political party merged with misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs. A story of how the mirror image of Trump’s mental deficiencies, to include, but not limited to misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs, are reflected in his supporters. A fascination story of how it took girl power to defeat Donald Trump.

Truth be told, misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs are built on sand, which is why FOXNEWS, the Republican Party, and our corporate news media apparatus felled with a great crash. The rubes don’t get it, but the rest of us do. We’re partying like it’s 2020. Girl power vs. Saboteurs. Who will win in 2020? I’m optimistic about my future, and I’m looking forward to kicking Saboteurs to the curb, today, tomorrow, and forever.  Oh, and by the way, the Saboteurs I’m talking about are, sexually repressed, senile, garage mouth, and old white con men, like illegitimate President Donald Trump.