Peegate Is A Crime Of Steaming, Hot, And Flowing Passion

So, with all their bragging and boasting about being superior, Republicans only have, “Peegate,” to show for all their efforts. After Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, Republicans elected a man who loves for prostitutes to pee on him. Oh, but it gets even more sleazier, because of Trump’s propensity to engage in deviant sexual behavior, a foreign Dictator, outwitted Trump by videotaping him being peed on by prostitutes. Thus, this foreign Dictator snatched victory from the hands of the 1%. In other words, Trump is Putin’s bitch and, “Peegate,” is “Just Desert.” I’d sense that, “Peegate,” is an embarrassment for our corporate news media, to the degree it wants to normalize men who love prostitutes to pee on them. For example, it send Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith to convince black folks that, “Peegate,” is normal. But, and here’s the best part, Trump and his cabal will forever be known as, “Peegate.”

On the flip side of this coin, Democrats nurtured our consciousness of abundance and helped paved the road for Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is an idea whose time had come. A lucrative idea for millions of Americans, and an astute force, that no misogyny and white supremacy can hold a candle to. Black Lives Matter is the antidote for the diseases known as Misogyny and White Supremacy.

Let me explain, our corporate news media had merged with misogyny and white supremacy, decades ago. It paved the yellow pee road for Trump. Since the entire world knows that Trump loves for prostitutes to pee on him, his star crashed and burned. Trump is an anvil on each elected Republican. Peegate is the manifestation of misogyny and white supremacy. How funny is that. Trump and his cabal have pee on their faces and the only people obsessed with watching pee dry are Trump’s supporters. Listen, I’m un-apologetic, to Trump’s supporters, because they’re mad at the wrong person. However, one of Trump’s saving graces, is creating an misogynistic and white supremacist universe for his supporters to live in. And, if you’re an astute observer, you’ll appreciate that Trump’s supporters remain morally corrupt. Because misogyny and white supremacy had been normalized by our corporate news media for decades for ratings and profits. In other words, our corporate news media is owned by sexually repressed, senile, and old white con men. Opps, my bad, I can’t put that Genie back into the FOXNEWS brothel.

Was it just me, or did you sense an aligning of two dots together moment? C’mon, after it was revealed that Trump loves prostitutes to pee on him, Steve Harvey and Stephen A Smith rushed to publicly support Trump. Connect the dots, just sayin! 😉