The Emperor With No Clothes, Pees Back

Putin’s bitch, aka Trump, waffled on the Republican’s ploy to dismantle the ACA, then after Trump was exposed for his propensity for prostitutes to pee on him, he peed back. Like any embarrassed Urophilia, Trump pee back and demanded the Republicans to dismantle the ACA. Immediately and in the wee hours of the next morning, Trump’s bitches, aka the Republican Party, voted and dismantled the ACA. The Republican Party pissed off over 65 millions Americans who’d voted for Fmr. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to protect and improve the ACA. So there you have it folks, Trump and his cabal are down with O.P.P. Other People’s Pee. #OPP

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Trump is down with O.P.P. Which may explain why Trump betrayed the Republican Party back in 2011, by seizing the birther movement. Why Trump betrayed our corporate news media in 2016, by holding a fake press conference just to promote his new hotel. Why Trump betrayed women by bragging he could grab them by the pu***, and they’d liked it. Why Trump publicly aroused pedophilia men by describing how he walked into a dressing room full of half naked underage girls. Why Trump publicly betrayed the other GOP candidates in a brutal and unkind way until they because his bitch. Why Trump publicly betrayed Melania by flaunting his abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter. Why Trump publicly betrayed his supporters by lying to them on a daily basis. Why Trump betrayed our country by being in bed with Putin. Today, we now know that Trump betrayed his supporters again, by his pee performance in a Moscow hotel. Oh, my bad, Trump’s supporters weren’t betrayed, because just like all those black men lining up to met with Trump, they are all Urophilia. They love prostitutes to pee on them. I ain’t mad at Trump’s supporters or Kanye, Harvey, and Lewis, and all the other members of the urophilia club, who am I to judge. Just think, Trump is the first elected President of the United States, with a pee stained face. Power to the pee!

Listen, Trump and his cabal will distract millions of Americans by any means necessary, but as long as his pee stained face is publicly displayed, he ain’t got a pee ball chance in a pool with Urine-indicator dye, of fooling me. A fuck I don’t give, because I know that Trump and his cabal love being peed on, and all their denials are equivalent to a substance which reacts with urine to form a colored cloud in a swimming pool, thus indicating the location of people who are urinating while they are in the pool.

O.P.P. how does it stream

A prostitute stands above Trump and pees

Bitch McConnell is delighted with glee

Paul Ryan licks up her pee