The Sexual Habits Of The 1%

As Spock would say, “Fascinating.” Men like Ailes, O’Reilly, and Hannity, are un-apologetic about sexually harassing their female employees, coercing a few into sex slaves, and/or phone sex partners, and/or celebrities. Seriously, not too many women would pass up a deal like that. I ain’t mad at cha. Then, there are men like Trump, who loves grabbing women by the pu**y, paying prostitutes to pee on them, prefer underage girls, and have an abnormal sexual fixation towards their own daughters. Not too many men would pass up that deal. Can’t blame Steve Harvey for being down with #OPP. Then you have men like Mike Pence who are closeted gay Republicans, who send out invitations via anti-Transgender laws, for other closeted gay Republicans to meet in public bathroom for some one-on-one time. And some men like Rush Limpballs, and his possé regularly attend stag parties in the Dominican Republic with bottles of Viagra. C’mon, I can’t make this shit up! 😉

Check out this little gem, our corporate news media would like us to debate the Republican’s dismantling the ACA. I kid you not, with all the freaky sex stories coming from the 1%, our corporate news media is on the side of boring. Enquiring minds want to know, “Why our corporate news media manipulates millions of Americans to love boring? For the sins the 1% wishes to conceal. Brilliant!

However, I’d learned a new word, “Urophilia & Undinism.” Trump’s undinism is off the charts. In other words, Gaining sexual pleasure from the act of peeing, whether it be on a person, received from a person, watching it, or just thinking about it. (Copied and pasted this definition from the web site, “Urban Dictionary.” Oh, and by the way, it’s a very cool web site. So know you know, some of, “The Sexual Habits Of The 1%.” 

A fuck I don’t give to the Republican’s dismantling of the ACA. This ain’t the Republicans first rodeo behaving like terrorist towards their own constituents. Truth be told, Republicans are redundant, boring, dull, repetitive, lame, and like watching pee dry. What I’m more interesting in, “Honoring every American’s worthiness to receive quality Healthcare.” That’s the debate I want to have. That and, “The Sexual Habits Of The 1%.” The latter to pay for our worthiness. 

Stay tune for more adventures from, “The Sexual Habits Of The 1%.”