A Race To FOXNEWS And To Mar-a-Lago’s Stag Parties

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but sexually repressed, senile, and old white con men, secured another venue for their stag parties. Now more than ever, access to these stag parties include, but is not limited to, “Passing Anti-Abortion or Anti-Transgender,” laws. The more anti-abortion/transgender laws passed, the more invites to the stag parties at FOXNEWS and Mar-a-Lago. Once there, bragging about how you screwed over millions of Americans, while screwing a sex slave, is just one of these attendee’s fantasies.

Creating and legislating anti-abortion and anti-Transgender laws gives new meaning to scam artists. I mean, c’mon, scamming Religious fanatics must be like shooting fish from a barrel. OK, Republicans see their constituents as the culmination of metaphorically killing and eating them. I get it, and I ain’t mad at Republicans. Being a traveling amusement show or circus is the perfect illusion for the sins Republicans wished to conceal. Oh, and the rise of Trump, was an idea whose time had come. Talk about the biggest sex scandal of the 20th Century. You don’t remember? Take a seat, I’ll explain, from January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001 during presidential term of President Bill Clinton, sexually repressed, senile, and old white con men, pointed their crooked fingers at Fmr. President Bill Clinton, accusing him of being a sexual predator, while simultaneously they were engaging in coercing young female employees into sex slaves. I kid you not, but here’s the best part, for decades, Republicans coupled with our corporate news media had cultivating our society with misogynistic and white supremacist beliefs. It was the brilliant cover up. Even today, I get to witness the audacity of sexually repressed, senile, and old white con men. Check out this little gem, whenever the Republican Party are in the majority, they’d been seen metaphorically killing and eating their constituents. C’mon, what else would describe repealing Obamacare, gutting Social Security, and annihilating other Government opportunities to honor every American’s worthiness. Republicans are known to metaphorically kill and eat their constituents, and their actions everyday, proves they’re obsessed with this behavior.

Oh, it gets better, because back in 2011, and after our corporate news media had hitched its horse onto the Birther’s wagon, Trump was seen, metaphorically killing the Republican Party by eating its Birthers. A fun fact to know, at the same time, the Republican Party was cheering Trump on. Unaware that Trump had betrayed them. Fast forward to four years later, in 2015, after Trump announced his candidacy for the POTUS, was the same time, the Republican Party publicly found out they’d been betrayed by Trump. Because of their fragile egos, many Republicans publicly denounced Trump, but as Trump rose in the GOP polling, so did the rise in these same Republican’s tough guy disappearing, then their bitch came out. It didn’t take long before every elected Republican was Trump’s bitch. Our corporate news media hitched its horse onto Trump’s wagon. OK, now fasten your seat belts, because right before and almost immediately after the 2016 Presidential election, a seismic force was felt around the world. Fmr. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was vindicated again, because she’d warn us that Trump was Putin’s bitch, and he was. We know this, because from zero to 100, real quick, our corporate news media hitched its horse onto Putin’s wagon. But recently and in response to President Obama, Putin’s tough guy disappeared, then his bitch came out. And Trump, his cabal and all the Republicans can do today, is brag about how they’re metaphorically killing and eating their constituents. Enquiring minds want to know, “What will our corporate news media do?”