Black Lives Matter Is The Antidote To The Poisonous And Toxic Misogyny And White Supremacy Venom.

The chance of a lifetime awaits me when Trump places one of his hands on a bible, raises his other hand and swears to uphold the United States Constitution in front of GOD and the world. I can’t say it enough, but that’s the day I hit the jackpot, because Trump and his cabal will immediately, and I mean immediately, go into their fearful and dark room and start plotting to conceal all of Trump’s current unconstitutional behavior. As always, a shark like me can detect one drop of blood in a million drops of water, so in just a matter of days, I’ll get to the truth. Just recently, FOXNEWS was wounded by being exposed as being a brothel, where sexually repressed, senile, and old white con men, coerced some of their female employees into sex slaves, while seeking revenge against women who said, “No” to those FOXNEWS sexual predators. However, in a matter of days, after FOXNEWS was exposed, I was able to detect that FOXNEWS had merged and still is merged with misogyny and white supremacy, and are currently using those tactics to divert media attention away from the biggest sex scandal, “FOXNEWS Brothel,” of the 21st Century. I’ll be the first to admit, that the FOXNEWS scam was starring me right in the face. It had merged with misogyny and white supremacy from its conception. Oh well, better late, than never, so trust me when I tell you, FOXNEWS got that ignorant shit down. Picture this, FOXNEWS used its fangs (Hosts and political pundits) to bite into and released its misogynistic and white supremacist venom into its victims. Yet, behind the scenes at FOXNEWS, sexually repressed, senile, and old white con men indulged in deviant sexual behavior. You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Black Lives Matter is the antidote for the poisonous and toxic misogyny and white supremacy venom. Immunize yourself today and everyday, by supporting BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Since we all know that Trump is Putin’s bitch, Enquiring minds want to know, “DONALD TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT ODDS.” If you could bet, how much would you wager? Word on the street is that Mitch McConnell told his sex slave that he had a nightmare, in which he’d announced on FOXNEWS, “My priority is to make Trump a oneterm president”