But, and I kid you not, our corporate news media normalized misogyny, white supremacy, and Donald Trump. But, and here’s the best part, today, Trump is Putin’s bitch, which means that our corporate news media dropped the ball. Oh, how the mighty had fallen. But, in order for these repressed, senile, and old white con men in our corporate news media, to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat or two. Today that scapegoat is the UN and food stamps. Never a dull moment.

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but Trump is Putin’s bitch. Trump has to kowtow to Putin. Putin is calling all the shots. But in order for Trump to fulfill his high opinion of himself, he found a scapegoat. That scapegoat is whatever Putin says it is. So there you have it folks, Trump is Putin’s bitch and even FOXNEWS can’t put that Genie back into the lamp.

Speaking of FOXNEWS, even today the sexual predators in charge at FOXNEWS preferred their female employees to dress in a hypersexualized aesthetic look. Short skirts and tight fitting blouses/dresses. In other words, dress like a sex slave. However, what those sexual predators at FOXNEWS did to women who’d refused to become a sex slaves, was callous, cruel, and worthy of the Hall Of Shame award. C’mon, was it just me, or did you see why John McCain picked Sarah Palin for his VP? C’mon, she had the perfect FOXNEWS hypersexualized aesthetic look. Word on the street, is that since McCain is an repressed, senile, and old white con man, Sarah Palin came with benefits.

Those attending Trump’s inauguration will be the who’s who in deviant sexual behavior. Why do you think Trump and his cabal bullied the Rockettes into performing at Trump’s inauguration? Grab them by the p**** is the main entertainment.