FOXNEWS Sex Slave Are Big Pimpin

I ain’t mad at cha, if repressed, senile, old white con men want to pay their sex slaves hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, who am I to judge?  Need I remind you that from its conception, FOXNEWS operated a brothel, by coercing young female employees into sex slaves. Also from its conception, FOXNEWS merged with misogyny and white supremacy. For over twenty years, FOXNEWS concealed their deviant sexual behavior, by normalizing misogyny and white supremacy. There’s an old saying, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” So I get it, that today FOXNEWS is pretending it’s not a brothel, but we know better. We know that a powerful TV Exec left his stench of sexually preying on young female employees knowing that FOXNEWS is the perfect habitat. Oh, it gets better, because other executives at FOXNEWS condone this deviant sexual behavior to the degree of covering it up. Word on the street is that one of FOXNEWS’s former sex slave admitted to luring other female employees into one-on-one meetings with a FOXNEWS sexual predator, that she knew would result in harassment. Hold up, at her peak, this same FOXNEWS’s sex slave earned $250,000 a year. Enquiring minds want to know, how much money can a FOXNEWS sex slave earn a year? No wonder dem repressed, senile, old white con men masquerading as elected Republicans, need to earn millions of dollars a year. To help pay for dem high price sex slaves over at FOXNEWS. Here’s what I’m wondering, how many sex slaves had easy access to an abortion, paid for by their pimp, or what some refer to as a Republican politician, then this pimp turns around and votes to restrict other women’s access to an abortion.? That’s a list just waiting to be published in a Pro-Life movement memo, regarding, “You’ve been hoodwink.”

Our corporate news media normalized Trump’s insidious behavior faster than a speeding bullet. Normalizing insidious behavior comes easy for our corporate news media. Normalizing Putin should be child’s play for our corporate news media, just sayin!


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