Putin Is _________’s Bitch

Listen, I can’t tell our corporate news media, it couldn’t handle the truth. But, and here’s the best part, Trump, the 1%, and the Republican Party are all Putin’s bitches. OK, I hope you’re sitting down, because Putin is ___________’s bitch.

The same corporate news media that normalized torture in order to hold Dick Cheney in high esteem, is the same exact corporate news media that is normalizing Putin. Putinism is the new Birtherism. The same scam, different name. C’mon, do I need to remind you what came to light in 2015? OK, I’ll spill the juice, from it’s conception, FOXNEWS operated a brothel, but to conceal their deviant sexual behavior, FOXNEWS brilliantly merged with misogyny and white supremacy.There wasn’t a day that went by, for over twenty years, that FOXNEWS didn’t normalize misogyny and white supremacy in order to conceal its deviant sexual behavior. And where FOXNEWS left off, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBC began. Normalizing Putin should be a lot of fun for FOXNEWS. Can you imagine selling out your country, to prove that you’re right? I mean, c’mon, who’s zooming who? Back in 2008, when our corporate news media normalized birtherism, and that was child’s play. Truth be told, as repetitive as this tactic is, it’s still like Christmas morning for repressed, senile, old white con men. Remember when our corporate news media normalized homophobia during Cheney’s administration? Remember how brilliantly Karl Rove used the, “Changing the Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman,” carrot stick to lure homophobic voters to vote for Cheney. Putinism is not our corporate news media first rodeo with normalizing insidious behavior. Repressed, senile, old white con men are expert at this. Just sayin!

Shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell our corporate news media, but Putin is ___________,s bitch. I’ll let you fill in the blank. 😉

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