There’s A Cure For White Privilege

And it’s called, “Black Lives Matter.” Take two pills of, “Black Lives Matter,” one in the morning and one at night. You’ll feel much better in no time. Now that we’d found a cure, let’s move forward. We have so much to look forward to. Carrying on the legacy of, “Black Lives Matter.” is an opportunity. There’s a saying, “Tis better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, then to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

Enquiring minds want to know, did our corporate news media’s decades of normalizing misogyny and white supremacy paved the path for Donald Trump’s electoral Presidency? If so, then it makes a lot of sense. Our corporate news media’s portrayal of Trump proves that misogyny and white supremacy had been normalized. That’s exciting for millions of Americans, and I get that, but for the rest of us, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal,” is the shiznit. C’mon, Trump has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter, and our corporate news media shunned that story. Why? Because deviant sexual behavior is what Conservatives labeled as sin. But the truth is, Con men like Trump love deviant sexual behavior, put in order for them to keep exploiting Conservatives, while fulfilling their high opinions of themselves, they always find a scapegoat. For example, since its conception, FOXNEWS, repressed, senile old white men, coerced young female employees into sex slaves. But, and here’s the best part, FOXNEWS had also merged with misogyny and white supremacist beliefs and sold fear and hatred to their unsuspecting viewers. For twenty years, FOXNEWS exploited their viewers’ weaknesses. But today, it’s no secret that FOXNEWS is a brothel, but you wouldn’t know that, by the way its host still stand on a pulpit, looking down at everyone else. It’s an illusion that only a blogger like me can enjoy.

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but their misogynistic and white supremacist Trump is boring, tedious, dull, snooze fest, unimaginative, lame, repetitive, and like watching paint dry. However, the sexual predator Trump, well he’s more interesting, don’t you agree? Now if you’re like me, then you know about, “The Law of Attraction.” Knowing that and feeling that, it makes sense for Trump’s inner-circle to be stacked with Saboteurs. C’mon, Trump sabotaged millions of people and left a trail of human misery in his wake. But and here’s the best part, like attracts like, so Trump is surrounded by Saboteurs. All plotting against each other, and against Trump. The one that brings Trump down, will have another feather in his/her hat. Enquiring minds want to know, will Dick Cheney, Trump’s latest Saboteur to join his cabal, release Putin grip on Trump’s p****? How long will Trump’s supporters deny that Trump’s electoral Presidency was built on sand, and it felled with a great crash. Will repressed, senile, old white men ever grow some big Cojones and realize that we’re all equal? Will our corporate news media’s obsession with repressed, senile, old white men ever end? Stay tune for more adventures of, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.” 

Here’s an idea whose time had come, “Black Lives Matter,” news channel. It’s one cure for, “White Privilege.”  Here’s the deal, every time you hear, “FOXNEWS,” you’ll think brothel, but when you hear, “Black Lives Matter,” you’ll think Equality. Simple!

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